Clearer Concepts


Having clearer concepts in study domain.


Removing haziness in study topics.


Viewers of this site, the stakeholders, will get awareness of clear concepts at their handy computerized gadgets, the smart phones and the like.


Students, faculty , professionals in English in general and civil engineering , Geotechnical engineering and Transportation Engineering  -I  in particular, readers of outcome Based Education System, heads of the departments and the Institutions and management will find coverage of clear concepts  on the topic cited in it.

It is developed for educational environment and climate of central India having a university of technology for the state.  It is providing a flexible approach for viewers of other universities as well.

Work packet:

English Grammar, Progressive grammar, Communication, Communication in English for students of from elementary to Masters’

Course, administration, management are covered in English Section. Geotechnical Engineering – I, Geotechnical Engineering – II, Railways, Bridges, Tunnels, Docks and Harbors are covered in the engineering section. Only sample slides are included in it. Course outcomes, mappings, targets, attainments and calculations are covered. Feedback sample forms are also included.  Please note that it gives a cross sectional view of totality.

The objective is not to burden the stakeholder with another textbook or resource material when enormous volumes are available but to give clear concepts when they first study/ visit.

Expected value

I hope that the viewers shall be benefited by gaining clear conceptualizations. They will develop interest for further self study .For further topics of curriculum please free to contact on my e -mail id.

On my e -mail I welcome suggestions, modifications and additional inputs for scope of further improvement of this website.  I express my thanks to the viewers for viewing my website.